Dear participants of 10th ECCB Conference,

Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, we have to postpone the conference. After short discussion, the Organizing committee concluded that due to very complex situation in the whole Europe and uncertain development during the next few months regarding Covid-19, the best solution is to postpone the conference until the same period in 2021.

All registration fees already payed will be valid for next year without any additional payment. If you will not be able to attend personally, you can send some of your colleagues instead. In case you would prefer reimbursement, it will be possible for 60% of the initial payment (please, check the terms and conditions on the registration form). Therefore, we are warmly encouraging you to attend the conference next year, and please let us know about your decision. In case you decide to participate next year, please send your abstracts, if not already sent. We will continue with all the preparations of the conference for May 2021.

With best wishes,

Antun Alegro

on the behalf of the Organizing committee of 10th ECCB Conference